Newport Beach Cosmetic Surgery – Browlift

When horizontal forehead lines appear as a sign of aging, it often results in an angry or distressed appearance. Additionally, vertical lines known as “frown lines” often appear between the eyes. Drooping, furrowed eyebrows often accompany this condition, causing the upper portion of the face to appear significantly more aged than the lower half.

Browlift surgery, also known as “browplasty” or “forehead lift,” can restore a more youthful, refreshed appearance to the forehead/brow area. While this procedure can produce excellent results when performed alone, it is often requested in conjunction with facelift surgery or eyelid surgery, for optimal facial rejuvenation.

Dr. Ambe offers the traditional (“classic/open”) browlift method, as well as endoscopic surgical browlift techniques. Both are highly effective techniques that are known for a very low risk of scarring. However, the endoscopic technique allows Dr. Ambe to have a clear view of the muscles and tissue beneath the skin. Depending upon your goals, he can help you decide which of these methods is right for you.

Together, you can discuss these options, as well as further procedural and recovery details, during your pre-operative appointment.

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