Ear Surgery

Newport Beach Ear Surgery

For those who are affected by cosmetic abnormalities of the ears, there is a surgical solution. Ear surgery (“otoplasty”) offers adults and children effective correction for problems such as:

  • Over-prominence
  • Protruding length or width
  • Irregular bends in the cartilage

There are several common methods that surgeons may utilize when performing this procedure. Depending on the severity of the problem, Dr. Ambe will choose which surgical technique will be most appropriate for the patient. However, no matter the degree of correction, he strives to provide results that appear natural and balanced.

Dr. Ambe supplies each patient with specific post-operative instructions to increase their chances of a successful recovery. This includes a timeline for return to work or school, which should be followed closely, especially where younger patients are concerned.

Additional procedural and recovery details can be discussed with Dr. Ambe during your pre-operative appointment.

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