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The visible signs of aging, which typically first appear on the face and neck, often arrive in the form of deep creases, folds, and fat deposits. A number of factors may contribute to these indicators of aging, including:

  • A loss of skin elasticity, leading to a decrease in gravity
  • Accumulated sun exposure
  • Increased physical and emotional stress

If you are considering facelift surgery (“rhytidectomy”) as a means of attaining a more youthful appearance, one expected patient concern is based on the desire to achieve results that appear as natural as possible. When performing this procedure, Dr. Ambe makes every effort to avoid producing a “pulled” or “surgical,” unnatural facial appearance. Instead, he relies on his keen attention to detail and artistry to achieve each individual’s desired result.

Facelift surgery is a three-step process, comprised of:

  • Removing excess fat
  • Tightening underlying facial muscles
  • Redraping face and neck skin

Often, it is requested in combination with additional procedures, such as browlift or eyelid surgery, in order to optimize a patient’s results.

Dr. Ambe can discuss these options, as well as further procedural and recovery details, with you during your pre-operative appointment.

For more information, please schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Ambe, or utilize our contact form to send us your specific questions.

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